G(irls)20 Salutes Farah Mohamed’s Appointment as CEO of the Malala Fund

February 16, 2017 – Toronto, Ontario
G(irls)20 today congratulated its Founder and CEO, Farah Mohamed, on her appointment as CEO of the Malala Fund.

Farah will continue to serve as CEO of G(irls)20 through to the end of June 2017, leading the organization through its annual Global Summit and Bootcamp for Brains signature events, and the launch of a new program, Girls on Boards. A search for the new CEO of G(irls)20 is already underway and to ensure a seamless transition, Farah will continue to serve in an advisory role moving forward.

“The  opportunity  to  create  and  lead  G(irls)20  has  been,  without  a  doubt,  one  of  the  most  rewarding experiences  of  my  life.  Through  partnerships  with  the  private  sector  and  social  profit  organizations,  we  have  engaged  the  G20  in  a  unique  and  impactful  way  while  at  the  same  time,  made  strategic investments  in  girls  and  young  women  around  the  world  so  they  can  reach  their  full potential,”  said  Farah  Mohamed.  “While  it  will  be  tough  leaving  behind  something  that  has  been  the  centre  of  my  life,  I’ll  be  bringing  so  much  of  it  with  me  in  my  work  with  Malala  and  the  Malala Fund  team.”

“This  is  the  kind  of  day  that  every  successful  organization  born  of  the  vision  and  drive  of  its  founder  knows  it  must  face:    the  day  when  our  founder  moves  on  and  we  continue  to  grow  without  her  day-­to‐day  guidance,”  said  Carrie  Kirkman,  Chair  of  the  G(irls)20  Board  of  Directors.    “Farah  has  assembled  a  strong  team  who  will  build  on  the  success  of  the  organization  to  date;  I  am  pleased  to  lead  the  Board  of Directors  at  this  exciting  time.”

G(irls)20  was  the  first  social  enterprise  to  advocate  to  G20  Leaders  that  they  launch  a  srategy  to  increase  female  labor  force  participation.  In  2014,  G20  Leaders  committed  to  creating  100  million  jobs for  women  by  2025.  At  the  same  time,  the  organization  operates  at  the  grassroots  level  and  on  the  basis,  that  educating  girls  and  young  women  will  improve  communities,  strengthen  economies  and  improve  social  and  political  stability.  This  Canadian  based,  globally  active  recognized  Charity  offers  programs  for  females  between  the  ages  of  15  and  25  in  Canada  and  around  the  world,  to  help  them  obtain  and  enhance  skills, entrepreneurial  spirit  and  to  strive  for  economic  independence.


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February 16, 2017

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