About The 2019 Summit

G(irls)20 is coming to Japan for the 10th annual Global Summit. 20+ young women from around the world will arrive in Tokyo for a week of leadership training, social enterprise development and mentoring by female leaders in the business and public sectors. At the end of the week, delegates will deliver a Communiqué highlighting policies to promote young women’s economic inclusion to Ambassador Koji Tomita, Japan’s G20 Sherpa.


Why we need a G(irls)20 Summit

For economies to compete in the 21st century, we must close the gap between men and women’s inclusion in the global economy.

G(irls)20 is cultivating a new generation of female leaders globally, through training young leaders in 21st-century leadership skills, access to senior mentors in business and social profit, and by placing young women at decision-making tables.

By centering young women’s experience and expertise at the centre of the G20 process, the G(irls)20 Summit seeks to equip world leaders with a new, youth-informed approach to close the gap once and for all between men and women around the world.


Join us in Tokyo! 

We welcome members of the public to attend the 10th annual Summit, held on May 29, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you’re a student challenging the status quo, a senior executive looking for new solutions for diversity, or a girls’ organization seeking inspiration from global leaders, we invite you to spend a day with us in discussion with local and international panelists, inspirational keynote speakers, and gender equality experts! Please note the cost of attending will not be borne by G(irls)20.

For advanced RSVP: info@girls20.org

Tickets will be made available to members of the public in April 2019. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates.