Meet The Delegates


Fatima Hashimi


Fatima was born in Afghanistan. She lived in Pakistan for 10 years before returning to her birthplace, Afghanistan, in grade 12. In 2009, she was admitted to Kabul University for literature, and conducted research for Kabul Center for Strategic Studies as a part time job. Presently, she is studying Politics and Economics, and works as a student assistant at the Asian University for Women’s writing center. Before arriving in Australia, she will be completing an internship with the Ministry of Counter Narcotics in Kabul, Afghanistan. Last summer, Fatima worked to combat child marriage and promote the education of women in Kabul, Afghanistan. Fatima is working toward becoming a political economist.


Belkiss Anane


Age: 20

Belkiss was born in the small North African Island, Djerba, located off the coast of Tunisia. She is a student at the African Leadership Academy in South African, where she is currently studying mathematics. Belkiss has volunteered with the Youth Leadership Program, the Journées Culturelles Djerbiennes festival, the Access English Program, and the Red Crescent Association. She is also a photographer for Sanyu Productions and ALAians Media. Her work has been featured in ApplauseAfrica. After the 2014 G(irls)20 Summit, Belkiss plans to launch a sustainable agricultural initiative to empower women in her region, while doing work to reduce female genital mutilation.


Julia Kornberg


Julia attended high school at the Pestalozzi Schule in Buenos Aires, and continues her studies at the University of Buenos Aires, where she is currently studying Literature. She has volunteered with the Fundación Leer, an NGO that promotes youth literacy, and Juanito, and orphanage. In 2011, her interest in politics pushed her to develop a program to educate students on electoral issues and the voting process within her country. Julia has travelled to South Argentina to repair the schools of Taquimilian. In 2011, Julia went on exchange to Germany, were she lived with a family in the town of Pfullingen. Julia attends monthly poetry slams and continues to be inspired by female poets, who discuss empowerment and international development. In the future, she would like to launch a women’s empowerment poetry program and became a writer to support individuals through the interplay of activism and art.


Anna Wiseman


Anna was born and raise din Melbourne, Australia. She recently began her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne in Politics and Development Studies, with a diploma in Spanish. Her international volunteer work includes teaching English to children in Cambodia and building a classroom in Kenya. Closer to home, Anna volunteered with Positive Aid, an organization in Melbourne that empowers communities affected by HIV and AIDS. Anna aspires to complete her Masters Degree in Development Studies and work as a Development Worker focusing on the educational empowerment of girls and women.


Fernanda Gabrielle


Fernanda lives in Campinas, a countryside city in São Paulo, Brazil, where she writes weekly blog posts about solidarity, culture and literature for Hospitalhacos. Prior to studying Journalism at PUC-Capminas University in Campinas, Fernanda was chosen to participate in a 2011-12 English Immersion Program in Brazil. Her goal is to become an International Correspondent.


Estelle Ah-Kiow


Of Chinese ancestry, Estelle was born and raised in Mauritius, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. She moved to Mississauga, Canada and has been living there for over 10 years. Estelle is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French Literature at the University of Toronto. For the past four years, Estelle has worked with the Strength Within Girls Group, a non-profit that has a mission of building self-esteem and leadership skills in teenage girls. She is a member of Plan Canada’s Because I Am a Girl’s Speakers Bureau, and a regular contributor to The NextWomen Business Magazine. Estelle is working towards becoming a Human Rights Lawyer.


Liang Qian


Liang Qian was born and raised in Beijing. Her interest in working with the United Nations has motivated her pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science at the University of Hong Kong. Liang’s present coursework focuses on economics, finance, international relations and psychology. In 2011, she studied at Peking University and was an active member of the Alliance of Students Against Poverty. Liang had the honour of representing her country at the Harvard Project for Asian’s and International Relations Conference and at the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee Youth Forum. After completing her Bachelor’s degree she hopes to pursue graduate studies in Business and Law.


Anna Lali


Anna is pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance (major in finance) at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. Apart from her core coursework, she is interested in policy economics, project management and international business. She speaks Greek, English, Russian, and German

Anna has participated in many organizations and youth-led projects (AEGEE, Youth in Action, Thessaloniki Youth Capital to name a few) and therefore had the chance to represent Greece in conferences and exchange programs in Vienna, Zaragoza and Tenerife.

During the last year, she studied Sustainable Development and Macroeconomics at the Aarhus Summer University (Denmark), working as the Speakers Manager for the University of Macedonia’s first TEDx event and completed a marketing internship at

Anna is currently writing a research paper on the topic “New Growth Model for Greece,” commissioned by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Amelia Da Gama


Amelia was raised and educated in Lyon, France, to parents of Sicilian-Goan-Portuguese origin from France and Kenya. Presently, she is pursuing her Master’s of Theology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and will be returning to France after graduating.

Amelia has worked with the Princess of Africa Foundation, where she helped to support the Angels of Hope Orphanage in the Kibera Slums, in Nairobi, Kenya. She has also worked with Global Potential, an NGO that works with youth from marginalized urban backgrounds in Paris, New York, Boston, and South America. Amelia is the co-founder of Video Spark, a company that focuses on non-profit/social enterprise branding through using unique marketing videos. After she has completed her academic training, Amelia hopes to work with NGO’s to support low-income, vulnerable communities around the world.


Nabilia El Arbi


Nablia is studying Environmental Sciences and Business Psychology at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. She has volunteered with Youth for Understanding and is a member of European Young Thinkers and Enactus Lüneberg. Her goal is to become an Ecopsychologist to improve the use of natural resources for women within Germany. After the G(irls)20 Summit, she hopes to launch an initiative that focuses on building stronger self-esteem and body perception in German girls and women.


Vandinika Shukla


Name: Age: 20
Vandinika is in her final year of undergraduate studies at Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi, where she has been studying History. She currently works with the Becoming I Foundation, an initiative launched by Tanvi Girotra, a G(irls)20 Summit Ambassador who represented India at the Summit in 2010. There she is heading “Project Enable,” where she is working towards the implementation of the Right to Education Act to facilitate inclusive education across Delhi schools. Vandinika was chosen for the Women in Public Service Project entitled ‘Educating for Public Leadership in South Asia’s this year.

She is also a pianist and classical dancer, and these passions had inspired her to launch her own organization, “Ensemble,” which promotes better practices in music appreciation among youth through workshop, lecture recitals, and concerts. This national Khemka scholar with the Global Education & Leadership Foundation aspires to work for the economic empowerment of underprivileged girls through the interplay of education and technology in India.


Ayendha Kukuh


Ayendha is in her third year at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, majoring in Food Sciences and Technology, where she is a member of her faculties Student Executive Board.

She is the Executive Secretary for the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Science (IAAS) on campus. With this organization, she leads the “Talas Day” project that teaches women within Situgede village how to cultivate taro foods, and indigenous resource, to build a consistent revenue stream. Her goal is to educate, empower, and expand this taro-harvesting initiative to other Indonesian villages within the next five years.


Caterina Milo


Caterina is in her first year at Federico II University in Naples, where she is studying Law. She aims to focus her future studies in International Development. From 2008-2013 she studied Italian Literature, Latin, and Ancient Greek at Liceo Classico Jacopo Sannazaro in Naples, Italy. Caterina is paired with a mentor from the Google Global Mentorship Program, who is supporting her in building a critical strategy for her future career with an international NGO.


Misato Oi


Misato is currently majoring in Economics at Kyoto University. She has ten years of experience in Judo, and in 2013 she women the Japanese Grand Prize in the Fourth Japan-EU English Haiku Contest. As a finalist in the FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge, Misato learned the value in making practical business plans. Presently, she volunteers with Kyoto University’s Business Society, whose mission is to protect and promote Japanese craftsmanship.


Sarah Mesbah


Sarah is in her third year of pharmaceutical studies at Suez Canal University in Ismailia, Egypt. In 2013, she volunteered with North Point Day School as an intern teacher in Kolkata, India. Sarah and her team launched an Egyptian sewing initiative to provide women with a tangible skill that can be used to earn an income. In the future, she would like to work in Medicine, and focus on disease prevention methods for rural Egyptian communities.


Veronica Estudillo


Born in Mexico City, Veronica is the founder of “¡Apostemos que Sí!,” a social project in Mexico City that helps young people apply empathy to daily activities and engages them in creating social development projects for their communities.

In 2012, she acquired a certification in Computing and Accounting from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and completed leadership training with ¡Integrando a Mexico!. Veronica is the IT Rep for a project that she launched at her college this year that focuses on the optimal use of data and the impact of the Internet.

Through a full scholarship, she is currently attaining an international Baccalaureate and an Atlantic Diploma at UWC Atlantic College in Wales. With strong interests in economics and technology, she aspires to become a Development Manager specializing in business mentorship for women.


Seerat Zahra


Seerat was born and raised in Pakistan. Throughout her ongoing studies at the Roots School in Islamabad, she has been an active member of the debate team, Model United Nations, and the student government. She has volunteered at SOS Children’s Village as a teacher, and a Pakistan’s first TEDxKids. Furthermore, Seerat is a member of Pakistan’s Red Crescent Society, a member of Green Volunteers, and a core-team member of Chayn, a charity working to combat domestic violence.


Yaroslava Eryomina


Age: 20

Yaroslava is currently studying at the School of World Politics in Moscow State University. Currently, she is a member of a Student Council and the Student Union’s Social Sector where she volunteers with orphanages in Moscow and the Yarolavl region. In 2014, she was the President of UNESCO with the Moscow State Mode United Nations chapter and in 2015, will be taking on the role of Deputy Secretary General.

Saudi Arabia

Zainab Ahmed


Zainab is from AlAhaasa, Saudi Arabia. Currently, she is a student at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia, where she will graduate with a Computer Science Degree in 2018.

Zainab is an active member of her universities Drama Club, Media Club, Toastmaster’s Club, and Student Council. Since 2012, she has worked as an organizer at Google Developer Groups in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. In the future, she would like to launch her own company within the technology sector.

South Africa

Annabel Fenton


Annabel is currently in her last year of high school at Parktown Girls, in Johannesburg. In 2013, she raised $13,000 for Home for Hope; reviewed the Post-2015 Development Agenda at the 2013 National Youth Leaders Conferences, held by the Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA); and launched Rape is A.P.E., which raises awareness about the culture of sexual violence in South Africa.

Annabel had the honour of receiving the Duke of Edinburgh Award for her accomplishments in volunteering and won Best Presentation at the 2013 Model United Nations Debate. This past January, she represented the Debate Institute of South Africa at the Eurasian Schools Debating Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

Annabel will arrive in Australia from Mpumalanga, South Africa, where she will be helping to build homes with local community members.

South Korea

Sun Young Whang


Sun Young grew up in Hong Kong and attended United World College for an International Baccalaureate form 2011-2013. She taught English and music to youth with the Christina Noble Foundation in Vietnam and the United World Schools in Cambodia

In 2012, Sun Young participated in the Korean International Model Congress and helped create a campus group to looks at the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. Sun Young is presently studying Global Business Administration at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, and hopes to enroll in the Korean National Diplomatic Academy to become a Diplomat.


Deniz Demircioglu


Deniz is a third year Business Administration student at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, where she is an active member of the Foreign Policy and International Relations Club.

Since 2009, Deniz has served as a delegate, a committee director, and a journalist at several international Model United Nations and European Youth Parliament Summits where she discusses human rights, education, environmental politics, and sustainable innovation. She represented Turkey in the One Young World Summit 2013 and now serves as their Ambassador.

Her professional interests and passions are in marketing, psychology, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, human rights, and ecology. Deniz aspires to work with a global NGO focusing on the economic advancement of girls and women around the world.


Lily Malcolm


Lily Malcolm-Watts is a student at Durham University in England, where she studies Law. In 2013, she designed and delivered financial fundamentals and environmental workshops for girls and women in Burkina Faso with Kabeela, and NGO promoting female entrepreneurship. Since returning from Burkina Faso, Lily is working as the Publicity Officer with her on-campus Amnesty International group and focuses on examining the role of youth in Global Human Rights. Lily is working towards becoming a Human Rights Lawyer.


Cynthia Sularz


Cynthia is a sophomore at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy, New Jersey, where she is majoring in Diplomacy, International Relations, and Modern Languages, with a minor in Eastern European Studies. A first generation American, Cynthia also studies Polish, Russian, and German.

She is a Vice President of her Universities Model United Nations, and will be the President, come spring 2015. She leads and staff’s leadership workshops for girls and women in middle schools, has edited media campaigns for Seton Hall’s women for Women Chapter, and studied Polish at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, located in Lublin, Poland. Her goal is to work with an NGO focusing on human rights and environmental sustainability.