Meet The Delegates

African Union

Esther Ajari


Esther Ajari is the 10th child of a polygamous family of 16. She is a 4th year Medicine and Surgery student of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She loves to dance, write, volunteer, mentor, research and network. In 2015, she won the Vice Chancellor’s prize for the best applicant to the University of Ibadan. Her education is being sponsored by the Wells Mountain Initiative, USA and the Western Union Foundation, USA. She has over 4 years of experience in community development. She won her Community’s “Young Leader of the Decade” award in 2017. She is a 2018 Civic Leadership fellow of the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. She was a facilitator and panelist at the 2018 Dream Big Conference in Uganda. She is a staunch health and gender equality advocate. Her dream in life is to make the world better and safer, especially for the vulnerable population.


Pía Chianea


Pia Chianea is a passionate speaker who isn´t afraid to speak her mind. During the day, she is a funny student who works and never knows when to shut up. At night, she is just a girl in front of a mirror asking herself not to lose her mind. From time to time she stresses out because of all the things she wants to do, all the projects she has in her mind. Also, she lives alone with her cat. Actually, she confessed being a cat person. Pia loves to hang out with her friends and read Neruda because she is more romantic than Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.


Georgie Carey


Georgie is change-maker passionate about creating an impact in her community and has a keen interest in social enterprise, women’s empowerment and youth affairs. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) at the University of Western Australia as a Fogarty Scholar, researching social enterprise crowdfunding. Georgie served as the President of Enactus UWA in 2017, her university’s social impact student society. Here, she helped to start a social enterprise called uneARThed, which aimed to empower homeless artists to share their stories and art. Georgie is a also World Economic Forum Global Shaper and sits on the board of the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia. In 2017, she was also elected to serve as a councillor for the Town of Mosman Park, making her one of the youngest female councillors in Australia.


Aniele Berenguer


Brazilian black woman, born and raised in the blackest city outside of Africa, Salvador in Bahia. The daughter of a pre-school teacher, the granddaughter of a washerwoman, the great-granddaughter of a woman enslaved. Her life trajectory is marked by deconstruction, struggle and empowerment. She studied in private college with scholarship for eight years of her life, during four years she studied at the technical school where she graduated as a technician in industrial automation. She studies psychology at a prestigious public university in Bahia, where she is interested in studies on race, gender, social and community psychology. She loves to write short stories and poetry and plans to write and publish a book someday, and be a social or community psychologist running projects that may develop some sort of social change for the black population of her country.


Kaitlyn Gillelan


Kaitlyn Gillelan is a passionate, young and upcoming artist who recently graduated from Queen’s University in Global Development Studies. Throughout the last four years, Kaitlyn was actively involved with various international development clubs on campus
and always was seeking out new avenues to connect them. She is passionate about Indigenous rights and sovereignty, climate change, and women’s empowerment. Since graduating Kaitlyn was one of three students selected from Queen’s University as an Ocean Path Fellow. This fellowship has given her the opportunity to return to the community that has shaped her into the strong women that she is today. She is very excited and grateful to return to Nunavut to work alongside young women as they use various forms of art to heal. In the future, Kaitlyn plans on pursuing a career as an art therapist and becoming a life coach for young women.


Pinxin Chen


Pinxin is a social science student who has a strong passion for applying what she learnt to practices beneficial to the world. She has been exploring different ways of doing social services and social innovation. Volunteer teaching in her hometown and overseas, internship in social enterprises and non-profit organizations, these experiences rendered her a more down-to-earth attitude. Having observed a lack of communication among social services groups in her university, she, along with friends, started a student organization called Change-Makers Network, aiming to create a platform that allows resources and experience sharing among “change-makers”. Leading the organization for two years, she and her friends have built up a member base of more than 1000 HKU students. Later, she initiated an organization called The Art of Happiness, providing a series of workshops that utilize different theories and techniques to improve the mental resilience of HKU students.

European Union

Sara Kemppainen


Sara Kemppainen is an active and outspoken social entrepreneur and bachelor student committed to effecting social change. At 16 she was selected to represent Finland at United World College in Italy, in a two-year high school program for future change makers and leaders. Since then, she has initiated numerous community projects and founded her own non-profit, ‘Women in Innovation and Leadership,’ that facilitates collaboration between young women and promotes gender equality in leadership positions. Currently, Sara is finishing her bachelor in Governance, Economics and Development at the International Honours College of Leiden University, concentrating on policy analysis and international development. With a passion for humanitarian tech, she plans to pursue a UNDP career focused on making humanitarian crises prevention, preparedness and recovery, more gender responsive.


Tiyi Ayeva


Tiyi Ayeva is a polyglot young French activist engaged in cooperation between France and Japan. She was the first French-African girl in a Japanese public school. She was the youngest person to participate in the VIA Social Innovation Program at Stanford University. She is the founder of “Undo” a Japanese sports equipment startup. She has been blogging since the age of 8, in three languages (French, English, Japanese). She has recently participated in the Women’s Global Meeting Forum in Paris to participate in conversations on inclusivity and women leadership.


Beyhan Ildem Esin


Ildem Esin was born and raised in Germany. Born to Turkish parents, she grew up inbetween two different cultures. Such luck rendered her with a linguistic, multicultural and emotional intelligence that guides her through this world. Speaking German, Turkish and English at a native level, Ildem finished her BA in International Relations with Proficiency in French at the University of Exeter, UK. Ildem has worked in China, Taiwan and Japan and currently resides in Seoul, doing her Master’s degree in “The United Nations and the Art of Peace” at the UNESCO Peace Education Prize-awarded Graduate Institute of Peace Studies at Kyung Hee University. Ildem interns at PSCORE, an UNECOSOC-recognized NGO that raises awareness about human rights violations in North Korea. Additionally, Ildem is part of the International Outreach Team at The House of Sharing, a nursing home and museum for former Korean “comfort women” of the Japanese military.


Richa Shivangi Gupta


Born and brought up in Zambia, Richa has always explored the question “What does it take to preserve empathy among children?” At 21 years old, Richa co-founded Labhya Foundation with a vision to create spaces for reflection within every child’s ecosystem, which accommodate emotional intelligence and development of a core value system, to enhance decision making in children. The intervention directly impacts 1.2 million children and 50,000+ teachers in Delhi, India on a daily basis. Currently a Global Girls’ Education Fellow, Richa has explored service by spearheading various projects in the social space. She spent the last few years mentoring volunteers and developing curriculum for school & Rohingya refugee children.. She has been the International Editor for EAGLE Network, Africa, an organisation trying to combat the violation of animal rights in 8 African countries.  She has used her poetry to combat discrimination by contributing to popular activist movements.


Arizona Leger


An avid Bachelor of Communications graduate, Arizona advocates the importance of storytelling, ensuring that the right voices tell the right stories. Her goals are to enable safe learning environments for all young people to become educated, empowered in their leadership and encouraged to be courageous in creating and demanding equitable environments. In her TEDx Talk “Lead your ship, Navigate new waters” Arizona explores the concept that true leadership is not defined by a role, but is instead an attribute that is constantly evolving. Her passion is working alongside students to enable them to realize their leadership potential and understand their rights to confidently assert themselves as leaders in society. In 2018, Arizona was appointed to the New Zealand Ministerial Advisory Group to review NCEA, the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. Long term, Arizona aims to connect with and empower young women to engage, participate and solidify their global leadership positions.


Eva Maria Putri Salsabila


Salsa is a writer of more than 10 books.
She recently graduated in the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia and has been involved in advocating several human rights issues for the last four years such as eviction, sexual violence and reclamation in Jakarta. She’s also a co-founder “HopeHelps”, a crisis centre for sexual violence survivor in university.  She loves to try new opportunities to improve herself, her ideas and her capacity to help others. Last year only, she went to a global youth summit by GlobalChangemakers in Switzerland, presented her paper on Child Marriage in Oxford and went to Malaysia for a Clinical Legal Education in the Universiti of Malaya. This year she has found a deep interest on researches and has presented three different papers in three international conferences. She’s a constant learner for life as she develop herself in every chance.


Ginevra Bersani


Ginevra is an Italian student finishing her bachelor’s degree in political science at Sciences Po Paris, France. She speaks four languages and thinks she will then embrace a political career, where she hopes to champion causes such as gender equity and female entrepreneurship. With that goal in mind, Ginevra left Italy to finish high school in France in 2014. Within a year, she was fluent in French and passed the French university entrance exams with highest honours. At Science Po Paris, she took courses in economy, politics, management, and leadership. She also invested her time serving in several student associations. Her main extracurricular role has been with the feminist Politiqu’elles association, which promotes women in politics and business. She was Head of Partnerships and of “Formation Femmes d’Avenir”. Today, she studies in Boston, USA, where she is an exchange student at Northeastern University. Ginevra loves traveling, writing and eating pizza.


Irene Evbade-dan


Bachelor of International Relations and Comparative Politics in Sophia University, Japan. Student of Master’s on Environmental Governance in University of Freiburg, Germany.


Lara Kasbari


Lara Kasbari is currently a digital marketing analyst at a startup tech company “Yamsafer”. Recently, She graduated as class valedictorian with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bethlehem University in Palestine. Her passion for social activism began at the young age of 16 when she joined Tech Girls and there began her passion for empowering women and promoting equality amongst all people. She is also a proficient public speaker, as evidenced by her oratory and debate skills shown in Young Arab Voices. In 2017, she represented her country in the U.K. Summit and was awarded the Best Speaker title in The First International Palestine Open Debate Championship. As a women’s activist, she also mentored female students in 2018 through Technovation, a global entrepreneurial competition for young female students. This social activist uses her voice through debate and other venues, advocating that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.


Rosa María Hinojosa


Rosy is an International Business student from Mexico who is passionate about women empowerment and social impact projects. She has worked for the Mexican Mission to the World Trade Organization, representing her country in international development committees, participating in the organization of women’s economic inclusion seminars, and helping design new policies that would benefit women entrepreneurs back home. Rosy has participated in two business model competitions, winning “best social business idea” on both occasions, and is constantly involved in community service projects and student group chairs. She’s a speaker who enjoys motivating others and has done so by being an Ambassador at her University, where she gave younger students motivational speeches, encouraging them to pursue their dreams, and talked to girls about her different professional experiences with the purpose of inspiring them to pursue their own interests fearlessly too. Her life-passion is to work for the development of better life-conditions of others.


Umama Malik


Umama Malik is a fourth-year business student from National University of Science and Technology(NUST), Pakistan. She is a co-founder of a social enterprise empowering women named Khaaba Shaaba. She is also a volunteer at Chadar Foundation and SOS Children’s Village. She is also a member of “Al Qalam” organization which sponsors children’s education. Her life motive is to “Never settle for less”. She believes in working hard every day even when the odds are not in her favor, to make the world a better place for future generations. She aims to become a successful entrepreneur who can bring social change and empower women in Pakistan with the knowledge she has acquired from her Business degree. In the future, she wants to be a strategy developer for businesses who educates them to create economic and social value simultaneously. She is also a member of Pak-US Alumni Network.


Daria Volodina


Daria is a life-long learner, that is trying to know the in-depth details about her spheres of proficiency. At the age of 18 she joined Model UN in Vladivostok and organized master classes and a youth camp, aimed at leadership and reaching UN Sustainable Development Goals. With such experience Daria also participated and won Model UN conferences in Russia (Moscow, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk), which gave her an opportunity to network with people all over the world. Shortly after she won a grant for studying in West Virginia University, being one of 70 finalists that were financed to study in America for a year. There she discovered her passion for spreading knowledge, sexual education in particular. Currently she is studying Economics in Far Eastern Federal University, as well as managing her school of English, where beside teaching Daria conducts events in this language on leadership, goal-setting and her long-lasting passion – sex education.

Saudi Arabia

Ftoon AlThaedi


When we experience difficulties, we often feel misunderstood. My vision is to reach out to individuals who are troubled and in need of feeling understood. I found art to be the ultimate emotional incubator that transforms my troubles into valuable expressions as well as the most effective way to influence change. Due to that I derive my passion for youth empowerment in the art field. I am a Visual Arts and Design student at Princess Nora University and the founder and leader of SAI. I am also extremely interested in cultural exchange and international cooperation as I feel strongly dedicated to breaking stereotypes and misconceptions regarding Saudi women, which is why I feel a great deal of responsibility to voice my concerns through art. With every transformative phase in my life; I document it with art. Therefore, I visualize life with colors of hope and positivity.

South Africa

Annika Brundyn


Passionately curious individual that enjoys discovering and understanding the world, and its people. Enjoys challenges, particularly when they are directed at helping others. Hopes to use mathematic, science and technology to make the world a safer, more equitable, cleaner, healthier and happier place.

South Korea

Yeonsoo Kim


Yeonsoo Kim is a person who possesses two very important elements of leadership: passion and compassion. Born in Korea and partially raised in Canada for 7 years, she is a person with a wide point of view who is open towards differences. She is
currently a 4th year student studying international relations and psychology at Ewha Womans University of Korea and is working slowly but steadily towards her lifetime goal of providing therapies to those in the international blindside, such as female refugees, children, and impoverished women of developing countries. She has expanded her linguistic, academic, and social skills over time through studying English, French, Spanish, joining extra-curricular activities related to international issues and organizations, and by taking various leadership roles in and out of university. She seeks to be the positivity and warmth she wishes to see more of in the world.


Sena Namlu


Sena Namlu was born in Eskişehir, Turkey, in 1995. She has been admitted to the Galatasaray University (GU) which is a french university in Turkey and received B.A. degree in International Relations. During her studies, she has completed several internship programs, such as Winter School Program at the State Department of Turkey or an internship program at the Foreign Affairs Department in Presidential Palace of Republic of Turkey. Over the course of two-months period, she attended different committee meetings, mostly those of AFET Committee, at European Parliament as the representative of Yunus Emre Institute Belgium. Besides her academic background, she also took part in various NGOs and youth projects. As a board member of Youth Commission for Diplomacy and Collaboration (YCDC), she is currently carrying out two different projects. She was also part of the Turkish Delegation for the Youth 20 Summit 2018 as the special guest.

United Kingdom

Nyasha Duri


Nyasha Duri studied Quantitative Politics, Social & Public Policy, Economics and Environmental Science with Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, alongside software engineering and now focuses on International Humanitarian Affairs. Formerly at the Home Office – national security government department leading on female labor force participation, she then helped pilot Mayor of London engagement reform researching underrepresented communities. Most recently, she has been working on the California Clean Energy Fund VC network outreach.  Her portfolio includes girls’ education advocacy with Theirworld, a UNICEF Uganda internship, and a leadership fellowship for women’s health charity FORWARD. Amongst other roles, she handled technical support at startup Powermeeter, assisted with the HP Enterprise launch and contributed to global entrepreneurship creative consultancy for Unilever. Nyasha was on Google, EU, US State Department, World Bank, Accenture and Economist social challenge competition winning teams to name a few. She successfully pitched innovative solutions across 5 continents.

United States

Valerie Weisler


Valerie is the founder/CEO of The Validation Project, a global youth empowerment organization that provides career field trips, social justice tools, and school programming for more than 6,000 students in 105 countries. Valerie’s “kindness curriculum” is taught in nearly 1,000 schools, and more than 90% of these schools say that this curriculum has nearly eradicated bullying and increased students’ interest in activism. Valerie has traveled to 12 countries to lead over 350 social justice workshops. She has been featured by CNN, Oprah Magazine, Inc., and more. Valerie is a L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth, an International Partner at EF Education First, and a former ambassador for the Human Rights Campaign and the U.S. Department of State. She has also served as a youth board member for Harvard Graduate School of Education. Valerie studies Education Advocacy and Spanish at Muhlenberg College, where she is a Civic Fellow.