By Putri Agustina

Delegate representing Indonesia

Each year, the G (irls) 20 Summit brings together one girl, aged 18-20, from each G20 country to look at the G20 Leaders agenda thru the lens of girls and women globally. Together, these girls identify issues, come up with solutions and make recommendations to be shared with the G20 leaders by way of a communique.

I was allowed this precious opportunity when I was selected as the delegate from Indonesia this year.

One of the big issues in Indonesia is unemployment that eventually leads to poverty. Our large population, faced with limited job availability has caused increased unemployment. A problem growing with each year. Girls or women have a role to play – and are leaned on – whether it be as mother, wife, and daughter in a family, or in some cases as a provider.

We should empower them

The solution, not stand-alone, but a contributing solution to the problem of unemployment is promotion of economic opportunity through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can provide income, jobs and will reduce unemployment. It is an avenue by which women can turn their ideas into businesses. After all, there are 3.5 billion girls and women in the world – who better to provide them with products and solutions to their every day needs than other women. All it takes is a bit of support and innovation.

I want to see more Indonesian women become entrepreneurs, allowing them to maintain their roles in the family, they can still work-at-home or even run a small business close to home. This way they do not have to choose between being mothers and providers – they can be both.

Earlier this year, I attended Womenpreneur Summit 2013 and met girls from each universities in my country at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in January. I was inspired by the impact women can have when they become entrepreneurs – they gain confidence, learn financial responsibility and exhibit innovation.

Putri Agustina in Womenpreneur SummitI see entrepreneurship as a mirror of self-reliance, especially for women. Women should be the first, be the best and be different. At the G(irls)20 Summit 2013, I will work to share my experience and learnings with my fellow delegates – perhaps this is a solution that will help them at home as well.

I hope to see more and more emerging organizations (Government or NGO) and companies (like Google, Norton Rose, Kinross, Nike Foundation, etc) to take charge and take notice of the potential of girls and women. So many of them are front and centre, providing opportunities to women entrepreneurs – through financial aid, coaching, mentorship and so much more. All because they too see the valuable contribution of girls and women can make to our society and world economies. We are changing the world.