Meet The Future Board Members

Alana Couvrette


Age: 22

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Education: University of Ottawa, Joint Honours Degree in Public Administration and Political Science, 4th year.

Work: I am currently enrolled in my university’s co-op program, which means I am able to explore different fields of work relevant to my degree. So far, I have worked in the private sector, in government and in a crown corporation.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Member of the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee
  • Co-Director of Advocacy for the Young Professionals Network of Ontario.
  • Member of the Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities
  • President of the University of Ottawa’s United Way Student Association (2016/2017)
  • YWCA Committees (2016-2017): The Leadership Institute Advisory Committee and the Project Shift: Creating a safer digital world for young women
  • Adecco Canada’s 2017 CEO for One Month
  • Lieutenant governor’s Visionaries Award Finalist
  • Leading Girls, Leading Women Award (Ontario Women’s Directorate)

Fields of Interest: After I finish my degree, I will pursue either a Master in public policy or a Master in public administration, hopefully abroad. I’d like to refine my knowledge on the inner-workings of government so that I can explore my interests in increasing efficiency in government decision making and evidence-informed policy making.

If you could be an actor in any movie, what movie would it be and what character would you play? It’s not a movie however if I could be an actor in any TV show it would be Claire Underwood in House of Cards. The three traits I love the most about her is that she is confident, cunning and assertive!

Alexandra Ages


Age: 19

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Education: University of Victoria, Majoring in History, Minor in Applied Ethics, 3rd year.

Work: I currently work for the Royal BC Museum Foundation.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I volunteer at AIDS Vancouver Island as a receptionist, and during the school year I volunteer with the Students for Literacy Foundation as a reading mentor, and with the Global Water Brigade. I also write for HerCampus, which is a student-run blogging platform. I just recently attended a training session with the IMPACT Youth Sustainability Leadership program, and am now looking to get more involved with that organization as well.

Fields of Interest: I mainly study Cold War geopolitics in school right now, with a focus on U.S/Soviet relations in the latter half of the Cold War era. I also have an interest in Weimar period films, and for fun I enjoy taking classes in the Greek and Roman studies department on mythology.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I’d like to live in Berlin if I could live anywhere!

Almeera Khalid


Age: 19

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Education: University of Toronto, International relations and French.

Work: I currently am a student but I am working at a law firm to learn and gain experience in the different fields of law.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I love volunteering but since I started University I try to maintain a healthy work life balance so for now I volunteer as a street relief volunteer with the Red Cross but plan on giving more back to my community.

Fields of Interest:  I plan on going to law school after my undergrad as I want to stand up for those who need to be heard. I love learning new languages and hope to understand them and the cultures that are related to the language. I also love astrophysics! It’s super interesting!

If you could have an endless supply of one food, what would it be?

If I could have an endless supply of green apples I would never eat anything else!  It’s my go to fruit and I eat it when I’m happy, nervous, stressed – you name it!

Caroline Marful


Age: 20

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Education: Queen’s University, Political Studies with a focus on International Relations.

Work: Federal Government Student Clerk

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Co-founder of the Queen’s Female Leadership in Politics Conference
  • Incoming Deputy of the Academic Affairs Commission within Queen’s Alma Mater Society
  • Past Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada Volunteer

Fields of Interest: Dream field of work: public sector consulting and communications after a law degree!

If you could have an endless supply of one food, what would it be and why? Carrots and Hummus. It is a “healthy” crunchy, filling and delicious snack that will always remind me of favourite university days.

Danika Szucs


Age: 22

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Education: Ambrose University, Double Major: Music, Behavioural Science (2017)

Work: Currently the Circulation Manager, Ambrose University Library

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Student Council VP 2015-2016
  • Student Council President, 2016-2017
  • Member of the Ambrose Sexual Violence Prevention & Response committee 2016-2017

Fields of Interest: Interests in leadership, policy development, organizational behaviour, advocacy, and social justice

If you could live in any city in the world, where would you live and why? I love Canada, so probably Vancouver – it’s on the ocean, has some beautiful parks, and is still close to a major airport so travelling internationally is easy! 

Hannah Lank


Age: 20

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB

Education: Trinity College, University of Toronto, Major in English and a double minor in Classics and Physiology, 3rd year.

Work: I just finished a 12-week internship at America SCORES New York as their Program and Development intern, where I had the opportunity to work with kids in Harlem at their after-school soccer/poetry program.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Founder and president of the University of Toronto History Society
  • Vice-President of the U of T English Students’ Union
  • Staff writer at The Varsity, U of T’s student newspaper
  • Member of Food Allergy Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel
  • Basketball player on Trinity’s intramural girls team

Fields of Interest: I am interested in studying law, particularly as it relates to intellectual property and art, whether that be new art (music, literature, drama, film, etc.), or ancient art and artifacts.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? If I could have any superpower, it would be the same as Spiderman’s (so – spider powers I guess?) so that I could climb buildings and spin spider webs; it’s like having a natural ability to do parkour, which I’ve always wanted to try!

Khadija Waseem


Age: 21

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Education: University of Toronto, Rotman Commerce Specialized in Management, and International Business

Work: Legacy Network Leader, Daughters of the Vote, Equal Voice. Research Assistant, Rotman School of Management

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Advocate for Women in Business and Leadership, Daughter of the Vote Equal Voice, At-Risk Youth Counsellor, Youth Reconciliation Initiative Leader at the Canadian Roots Exchange

Fields of Interest: Management, International Business, International Trade, Socio-economic development, Mental Health, Women in Leadership, Writing, and Public Speaking

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  If I could live anywhere in the world I would choose to live in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Northern Pakistan. The area is known for his mountainous peaks and serene views overlooking the Himalayas which literally means the house of snow. The beauty and picturesque landscape leaves one in awe of the  possibilities in life — of all we have accomplished and all that we can aim to accomplish should we persevere and remain strong.

Michelle Nzioki


Age: 20

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Education: University of Ottawa, Political Science and Public Administration, 4th year

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I currently am on the executive board for my chapter of Alpha Phi International Fraternity. Prior to this, I had volunteered with the Alma Mater Society, Young Women in Business, Arts Undergraduate Society First Year Committee and my residence association.

Fields of Interest: My favourite field of study has to be global politics especially that of Less Developed Countries, specifically their growth and development.

If you could have an endless supply of one food, what would it be and why? Definitely Kenyan samosas since I could switch up the fillings.

Michelle Smith


Age: 26

Hometown: Brampton, ON


  • York University, B.A. honours Political Science and International Development, 2013.

  • Osgoode Hall law School, Juris Doctor Program, 2017.

Work: I am currently going through the Law Society of Upper Canada’s licensing process which includes two major exams and a 10-month apprenticeship period. Ultimately, I hope to work across various areas of law to further social justice for marginalized communities.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Intern with the Basic Needs Trust Fund (2012)
  • Ghanaian chapter of a global nonprofit organization called Defence for Children International (2015) 
  • Facilitated art classes for women through Interim Place
  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario through Osgoode’s Anti-Discrimination Intensive Program
  • Osgoode’s Feminist Advocacy Program with the Barbra Schlifer Clinic
  • national executive committee of the Black Law Students Association of Canada (BLSAC). 

Fields of Interest:  I have an array of interests, including: access to justice, anti-discrimination, constitutional law, human rights, youth criminal justice, and feminist thought. If I could further my studies I would want to complete a Masters of Public Policy, or some form of education in creative writing. I have an undying passion for poetry, fine art, and chocolate. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? If I could have any superpower, I would want the ability to teleport anywhere in the world. I’d never have to pay for a flight again, and I’d always be on time. 

Nicole Hodder


Age: 21

Hometown: Timberlea, NS

Education: Dalhousie University, B.Sc. Neuroscience and minor in Political Science

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Worked with the NSSSA both as a delegate and a member of their inclusion cabinet, helping to plan and organize a conference for students with special needs. I have also spent some time volunteering abroad, particularly in South Africa and China, helping in animal conservation, with youth in the communities, and helping to build homes for families in the community. 

Fields of Interest: I grew up with a strong interest in science, but after taking some political science courses in my undergraduate degree, and ultimately deciding to minor in it combined with my position as a customer service representative with Service Nova Scotia my interest in to institutions of government and the processes by which it is formed and function have grown. 

If you could be one age forever, what age would you be? If I could stay one age forever I feel like this (21) is a great age to pick.  Life right now feels like it is full of opportunity, with so many different options in front of me and opportunities for growth, to learn and be  challenged. It’s exciting to feel like your whole life is ahead of you, and to not feel the need to have everything planned, but to just take things as they come!

Olivia Crescenzi


Age: 22

Hometown: Pierrefonds, QC

Education: McGill University, B.Sc. Microbiology & Immunology, 2017

Work: Research Assistant at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and Receptionist at Cappino Physiotherapy & Wellness

Extra-Curricular Involvement: In high school, I was involved in as many extracurriculars as my schedule allowed, including leading many service committees benefitting my school and local community. More recently, I have worked closely with both local and international non-profits including VOBOC Montreal, Daughters of the Vote, I AM THAT GIRL and Pencils of Promise. I also played competitive soccer here in Montreal for the majority of my childhood and adolescence!

Fields of Interest: I hope to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.

If you had the opportunity to adopt a pet, what kind of pet would you get and why? I’m a crazy dog lover, so definitely another dog. However, who could ever turn down the cute little sloths or teacup pigs that are all over the internet!

Peggy    Chen


Age: 24

Hometown: Richmond, BC

Education: Simon Fraser University, Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Marketing & Communications; Fellow at RADIUS SFU

Work: I am currently in a career transition, and will be seeking new work opportunities in the fall. I specialize in the areas of Marketing, Event Planning and Youth Engagement, and have recently worked for non-profit organizations such as AIESEC, the YWCA, and Check Your Head: The Youth Global Education Network, advocating for youth leadership and gender equality. I am also a freelance graphic designer.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I am work with organizations and projects focused on arts-based education, youth leadership and development, and community cultural activities. I am eager to see more representation of visible minorities and newcomers in community spaces, and is active in supporting newcomer youth to be involved in civic engagements. Current involvement:

  • Richmond’s Storybook that aims to create community dialogue and share the stories of marginalized voices in the city of Richmond, British Columbia.
  • Representative for the federal riding of Richmond Centre for Equal Voice’s Daughters of the Vote

Fields of Interest: I would love to work in a post-secondary education setting with students, or the social responsibility and community team of for-profit organizations. I am also interested in exploring the use of art, design and storytelling for social change. Sometime in the next few years, I would like to pursue a graduate degree in education, social justice or community development. 

If you could be an actor in any movie, what movie would it be and what character would you play? I would be Mara Wilson in Matilda, as none other than the bold, smart and charming heroine, Matilda  Wormwood. Both the character and the actress are brave and resilient woman who aren’t afraid to get a little silly, characteristics which I greatly admire.

Rachel Gonsalves


Age: 17

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Education: Queen’s University, Bachelor of Commerce, 1st year

Work: Marketing and Social Media Lead at Wazoo (start-up company). I lead a team of three interns and mainly use guerrilla marketing techniques to promote Wazoo, which is a strap dating website. I am also a Swim Instructor and Lifeguard with the City of Toronto.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • President of Northern Secondary School’s Girls Athletic Association: Organized intramural sports and promoted physical fitness among high school students. Planned and organized several fundraisers and volunteered at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. Worked side by side with a group of small businesses to raise over $500 for Right to Play and bough new gym equipment for Northern’s weight room.
  • Competed at the Provincial level with DECA and placed in the top 10 for the written exam
  • Junior Achievement Vic-President of my student-run company. Our company created a mobile app using QR ode technology aimed to help youth network more efficiently
  • Played competitive hockey and soccer for 9 years

If you could stay one age forever, what age would you pick and why? I can’t complain about being 17! I like this age because it feels like I am learning something new every day and that I am getting to explore what I am passionate about. I am lucky to have great mentors and,  even though life is moving very fast, if I look back to the person I was just one year ago, it makes me realize how fast I am growing which is a really exiting feeling.

Rachel Slipp


Age: 21

Hometown: Fredericton, NB

Education: St. Thomas University, B.A. Human Rights and Political Science, 4th year

Work: I work as an Office Assistant for the Tourism Division of the Department of Growth & Community Services for the City of Fredericton (I both live and study in Fredericton, New Brunswick).

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I enjoy volunteering at community events, such as festivals and cultural events, and within my university community, whether at events or on committees.

Fields of Interest: I’m interested in law, non-governmental organizations, public policy, and education.

If you could stay one age forever, what age would you choose and why?

While I don’t think I’d enjoy staying one age forever, I would probably choose to stay as an adult, as you can still always be a kid at heart while still enjoying the independent of adulthood that one does not have while one’s a child.

Robin Holloway


Age: 23

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Education: McGill University, Bachelor of Arts and Science in Psychology, Economics, and International Development

Work: Executive Assistant to the Global Chairman at Drake International, a human resources consulting agency.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Promoting research for neglected diseases at McGill, and modifying McGill’s technology transfer policies to become more aligned with open access licensing frameworks
  • President of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines McGill
  • Chair of McGill’s Global Health Network
  • Founder of McGill’s Association of University Technology Managers Working Group.
  • Member of Effective Altruism, a global community that provides career advice to graduates who seek to have high-impact and fulfilling careers

Fields of Interest: I have a keen interest in how psychology and economics interact in mature and developing markets, identifying mechanisms to promote access to health care, and managing technological innovations to unleash new welfare-enhancing opportunities.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Super-speed reading and a photographic memory! I would read everything, and amalgamate schools of  thought across disciplines into a panoptic whole that could be applied to benefit at least a few humans in the world, in ways we never thought possible.

Sandi     Johal


Age: 20

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Education: Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, 3rd year

Extra-Curricular Involvement: I’m currently VP Corporate Relations for JDC West, the largest business competition in Western Canada. I’m also a Fund Analyst at a student-run investment fund and on the Calgary Steering Committee for the Women in Capital Markets. Right now we’re planning a conference for young women in high school that are interested in pursuing STEM or Business careers which I’m super excited about! In the past, I’ve been on the founding team for Women in Business at my university and have participated in 3 case competitions. I also worked on a consulting project in which my team created a business plan for a local NPO that provides legal assistance to at-risk youth.

Fields of Interest: Quantitative Modelling, Statistics, FinTech, helping minority women and youth

If you could be an actor in any movie, what movie would it be and what character would you play? Sandra Bullock in The Proposal or Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife!

Serena Tejpar


Age: 20

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Education: University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Medical Sciences, 4th year

Work: Research Assistant with the University of Western Ontario’s Brain and Mind Institute, on understanding the neural basis of various cognitive abilities focusing on ‘effortful listening’ and the perception of degraded speech; and Research Assistant with the Moehring Lab to study the genetic basis of variation in fruit flies.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Top 50 Emerging Canadian Leader and Western Scholar
  • Recipient of the Alberta Premier’s Citizenship Award
  • Speaker at the London Health Sciences Centre’s annual Talk Trauma Conference and the Stories of Illness and Health
  • UWO Philanthropy Coordinator with the Residence Student Council
  • Student Representative of Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • Student Success Centre Mentor with the Leadership & Academic Mentorship Program
  • Ismaili Student Association
  • Undergraduate Orientation Leader
  • Co-led a Calgary branch of Make a Change: Africa
  • Volunteered with several organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Food Bank, and the Calgary Public Library

Fields of Interest: Empowering Women and Youth; Global Health; Maternal and Child Health; Access to Health; International Development; Human Rights; Social Justice.

If you could be an actor in any movie, what movie would it be and what character would you play?

If I could be an actress in any movie, I would be Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) in The Blind Side. Leigh Anne represents the “voice of reason” in her community, and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to equal opportunity and justice. In addition to Leigh Anne’s outstanding leadership and compassion, I admire her as an incredibly strong woman who overcame prejudice and acted on her beliefs to empower others.

Alyssa Hussein




Education: University of Toronto, majored in Women Gender Studies and minored in Political Science and History. 

Work: Dual JD Candidate at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and Detroit Mercy School of Law. In Windsor, ON I am a Caseworker at Community Legal Aid and a Student Volunteer at under the Diocese of London, working with an inland Ministry Specialist assisting on Humanitarian and Compassionate ground applications in Canada. Previously worked on the Advanced Analytics department within Information Technology in the Ontario Public Service in Toronto. I worked with policy makers in Education, Housing, etc. towards creating platforms to increase accessibility and efficiency in programs in Ontario.

Extra-Curricular Involvement:

  • Student organizations in undergrad: Love 146 University of Toronto Chapter, Secretary. Organization that works towards eliminating human trafficking.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Although she is not a historical figure, I would want to be RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Not only has RBG shattered glass ceilings, she has not give up, especially in today’s political climate, to continue to advocate and represent marginalized people and increase accessibility to justice and opportunity. Such passionate is inspiring to never give up and reinforces that anything is possible!

Daisy Hueng 



Education: Wilfrid Laurier University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Secenca College, Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Resources 

Work: Coordinator at LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact (Non-profit/Business)

If you could be in any movie what would it be and what character would you play?

Yan Zhi from the Chinese drama, Rookie Agent Rouge – she’s incredibly intelligent and quick-witted, values-driven and has an uncanny ability to stay calm, no matter the circumstances at hand. She also becomes wiser as the story progresses, a quality which I very much hope to strengthen day by day.