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My Second Chance

In November 2015, I was critically injured as a passenger in a car collision that left me with nearly no chance of survival. Despite wearing a seatbelt, I was left unconscious with numerous life-threatening injuries. My family was told that even if I did survive, I...

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Connecting Ideas to Build a Network of Change   As children, we are taught to read and write but, rarely to listen. When I started to play the piano, I learned to listen to sounds, not separately, but in their musical sequence. To appreciate music, it is...

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As G(irls)20 moves to host their 9th annual summit in Argentina, they do so at a pivotal time in history. The feminist movement in Argentina is in a growing state of excitement and awareness. Argentina has always had a strong history of organizing women’s movements....

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Making Waves

In just two months, young women from countries around the world will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the 9th G(irls)20 Global summit! The delegates, representing 26 countries from South Africa to Russia, Columbia to Japan, will discover they share a universal...

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A New Outlook on Adversity

In 2017 I joined G(irls)20’s Girls on Boards program. As a Queen’s University Commerce student, with a background in tech-based start-ups, I hoped to one day leverage my background in finance and experience with tech to make investing more accessible for people of any...

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Invest in Change, One Girl at a Time

My awareness of human rights violations began when I visited a relative in a Syrian jail. As a child, you are taught that only ‘bad’ people go to jail. Yet, before learning to read and write, I learned that this wasn’t always true. I learned that ‘good’ people could...

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3 Ways to Get Involved at G(irls)20

At the beginning of a new year, we often find ourselves re-evaluating our day-to-day and seek out ways to do better, be better and become more involved in our community. Every year, around this time, G(irls)20 receives countless emails, tweets and messages asking how...

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What The World Needs Now Is Empathy

By Carolann Edwards, Global Director of Learning and Organisational Development, Norton Rose Fulbright “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of … no, not just for some, but for...

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