Argentina Summit

WHEN: Thursday, October, 18th, 2018

TIMING: 9:30am – 5:30pm

WHERE: Madero Walk – Pierina Dealessi 1855, Buenos Aires, Argentina


About The 2018 Summit

G(irls)20 is coming to Argentina for the 9th annual Global Summit. 20+ young women from around the world will arrive in Buenos Aires for a week of leadership training, social enterprise development and mentoring by female leaders in the business and public sectors. Delegates contribute the economic and social issues facing girls & women in their countries to a Communiqué delivered to world leaders in advance of the G20 Summit and leave the Summit with increased confidence, new skills, and a global network that will allow them to make change as a community and global advocates!

The G(irls)20 Summit is modeled after the G20 Summit and culminates in a one-day symposium with local and international panelists, keynotes, and experts on economic and social issues facing girls and women.

Agenda Topics 

The week-long summit for delegates will include:

  • Workshops building valuable leadership skills — from Emotional Intelligence to Strategic Planning
  • Panels and speeches on the key issues facing girls and women globally — with an emphasis on digital inclusion and financial inclusion
  • Developing a Communiqué to G20 leaders, with recommendations based on the delegates unique experience and expertise
    Networking receptions with movers and shakers in the public and private sectors
  • Building a network of female mentors from the across the public and private sectors
    The opportunity to build lifelong friendships with 20+ young female leaders from around the world

Rokhaya Diallo is a French journalist, writer, and award-winning filmmaker. Her powerful and courageous work dismantles the barricades of racism and sexism through the promotion of equality and pluralism.

I am the target text.

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*G(irls)20 will not cover the cost of attendees travel or accomadations.

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When and where is the Summit?

The Summit will be held in October 14-19, 2018. (Delegates to arrive October 13th). Where is the Summit? The Summit will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Six weeks later, the G20 leaders will also meet in Buenos Aires to hold the annual G20 Summit.

What costs are associated with attending the Summit?

G(irls)20 will cover the following costs for all delegates:

  • Flights to and from Buenos Aires from their nearest major city
  • Transportation to and from the airport in Buenos Aires
  • Accommodation in a shared room with one other female delegate
  • All meals during the week
  • Travel insurance
  • Costs associated with travel visas
Who can apply

Please note the applications for the 2018 Global Summit in Argentina are now closed.

What’s expected of a delegate?

Every applicant submits one idea for a policy recommendation to be incorporated into the Communiqué + one idea for a community development project to launch at home. Successful delegates will be expected to:

  • Spend approximately 2 hours per week from June 2018 – October 2018 doing pre-summit work online
  • Participate fully in the week-long Summit, including attending all sessions, making new connections, asking questions, and bringing an open mind
  • Contribute to the development of a Communiqué. View the 2017 Summit Communiqué.
  • Post-summit, launch a community development project at home. View past Social Impact Initiatives.
  • Monthly check-ins with her mentor following Summit

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