What do we do?


Launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, G(irls)20 places women aged 18-25 at the centre of decision- making processes. Through our signature programs, Global Summit and Girls on Boards, we make strategic investments in young women through education and training, building networks, and access to unparalleled opportunities at home and abroad. While advocating for change at the global level through the annual G(irls)20 Global Summit, we are invested in changing the status quo for women at decision-making tables in communities across Canada by placing Girls on Boards

While advocating for change at a global level, we work at the community and individual level by making strategic investments in girls and women, aged 15-25 in 20+ countries. We do this so they can pursue opportunities at home and abroad.  In partnership with the private sector, social profit sector and individuals, we are able to provide skills building workshops (entrepreneurship, financial preparedness, communications, technology navigation, leadership, etc.); a global Summit; global mentorships; and, coaching so that each of our participants can launch their own program/initiative to empower others. G(irls)20 is also the driving force behind Fathers Empowering Daughters, Bootcamp For Brains and Girls on Boards.

Our 4 Programs

Together, we are cultivating a new generation of female leaders.
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Initiatives launched by G(irls)20 around the world to economically empower others.


Companies with the most female managers turned a 34% higher profit

  • $13 Billion

The Global GDP can be boosted by $13 B if 600 Million more girls & women go online.

G(irls)20 Financial Statements

 Our Partners

We work collectively with partners across the private, social profit, academic and government sectors to economically empower girls and women, allowing them to be agents of economic and social change in their own countries and communities.

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